Privacy Policy

Usage of Data

The bot may use stored data, as defined below, for different features including (when enabled) ephemeral commands handling. No usage of data outside of the aformentioned cases will happen and the data is not shared with any 3rd-party site or service.

Stored Information

The bot may store the following information automatically when being invited to a new Discord Server:
  • id with the Server's ID as value.
    No other information outside of the above mentioned one will be stored.

  • Updating Data

    The data may be updated when updating server informations.

    Temporarely stored Information

    The Bot insn't keeping stored informations.

    Removal of Data

    Automatic removal

    Stored Data can be removed automatically through means of removing the bot from a Server. This can be achieved by either kicking or banning the bot from the server. Re-inviting the bot will add the same default values, as mentioned above, back to the bot's database.

    Manual removal

    Manual removal of the data can be requested through email at For security reasons will we ask you to provide us with proof of ownership of the server, that you wish the data to be removed of. Only a server owner may request manual removal of data and requesting it will result in the bot being removed from the server, if still present on it.